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About us

Outintic Society is about encouraging & connecting creatives around the world to land and conduct their projects in our locations.

We are an international initiative which provides both urban and rural environments for short or long-term projects with main focus on social dialogue and recognition of competencies. We search for partners to widen the network of safe and efficient creative production and design processes.

How to work with us


Stage 0 - Reflect about your goals

a) Reflect about your goals: Do you have an idea for a project or initiative that might play well in our facilities? With or without mentorship, and cooperation with other members of Outintic Society? b) Remember, your support might mean a lot for other projects! Would you like to travel to another country and become part of our society, collaborate and participate in amazing multicultured projects! For any of those options, please consider becoming a Member!

Sep 30, 2020

Stage 1 - Membership

Contact us and let us know if you would like to pay for a membership OR become a volunteer and work with us. Only members and volunteers can benefit from our services. We will keep all members projects and ideas to be developed in the next phase.

Dec 01, 2030

Stage 2 - Develop your idea

We help you to develop and conduct your project idea. Now that you are a member you can use our facilities & receive mentorship to start planning your project! Everything from leading workshops, write and direct a film, events, festivals, or starting your own business.

Dec 12, 2030

Stage 3 - Partnership

Partnership & Collaborations. Now that your project is up and running, you can benefit from strategic partnerships, enlarge your team, conduct and work on multiple projects.

Dec 12, 2030



Project Pocket (Urban Spaces)

Come and run your project in the city of Helsingborg! Available Co-Working space with office rooms and one large room mostly used for dancing classes. Wood floor. Free Internet / wifi & printer. WC and Showers. Please scroll down for Membership Packs.

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Accommodation + Learning Centre (Rural Spaces)

The Outintic House is the perfect place for all creatives to meet, engage and plan their own short or long-term projects together! Accommodation & Learning centre with mixed and single bedrooms. Outdoor space. Shared Kitchen and bathrooms in Hästveda, Sweden. By pursuing the "Outintic Society Pass" you can find good price deals to use this house for your project. Please scroll down for Membership Packs.

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Online Mentorship

Receive mentorship & guidance to turn your idea into paper, planing & scheduling, build up a team, write proposals or seek funding. Email:

Work with us


Being a member means being able to use our facilities, lead your own activities, receive guidance & mentorship for your project...

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By volunteering with us you can receive the same membership benefits and opportunities for free.

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Contact us for strategic partnership and future collaborations.

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Membership Packs


  • Reserve our facilities to use only Twice per year.
  • Includes Outintic Society Pass.
  • Plus promotion for your activities.


  • Reserve our Facilities to use once per week, every week!
  • Price includes Outintic Society Pass


  • Buy your own office space in our facilities.


  • Västra Sandgatan 6, Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Tania Bauder