Stay a while and find yourself.

We offer cosy rooms for little money.
A place with a wild but calm garden.


About us

Outintic Society is about encouraging & connecting creatives around the world to land and conduct their projects in our locations.

We are an international initiative which provides both urban and rural environments for short or long-term projects with main focus on social dialogue and recognition of competencies. We search for partners to widen the network of safe and efficient creative production and design processes.

The red House

The red House

A cosy home that covers all your needs. Wi-Fi, laundry, kitchen and bathrooms. Single and double bedrooms. Most important, a nice almost forest like garden with many wild birds. Prices: 25 euro per night for a single room. 17 euro per person for double rooms. You plan a longer stay? Even cheaper prices for you! 15 Euros per night if you book for a week. 350 Euro/person for a month. There is also a room for bigger groups.

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Being a member means being able to use our facilities, lead your own activities, receive guidance & mentorship for your project...

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By volunteering with us you can receive the same membership benefits and opportunities for free.

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Contact us for strategic partnership and future collaborations.

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  • Reserve our facilities to use only Twice per year.
  • Includes Outintic Society Pass.
  • Plus promotion for your activities.


  • Buy your own office space in our facilities.
  • Västra Sandgatan 6, Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Tania Bauder

First OUTINTIC summit Helsingborg 23-25November 2021

Why stay in the middle of nowhere, see other people from different countries at breakfast and listen to a train pass by every hour

What is Outintic House.

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House rules

No drug
No alcohol
No murder, please

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