Our organisation has most of its activities in Sweden and this is where we are happy to see you as one of the volunteers, with variety of activities from house renovation and gardening to performance and administrative work.

For INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEERS, there are lodging possibilities for up to 1 month. 

Send us a motivation letter describing your aspirations and competencies, also your ideas you would like to work on to tusenmila@gmail.com, and we will get in touch with you for personal planning. 

There is no financial support coming from us, please be aware of that. 

Do you want to be our volunteer abroad? 

Well that's a great idea!

Outintic ambassadorship will both include your membership, and give you much wider opportunities for international collaborations. 

Please get in touch with us by tusenmila@gmail.com and we will discuss the most suitable options. Please note that your participation should be by your own free will and at your own responsibility, as well as it should by no circumstances counter the principles of organisation (caution, care, respect)  described in our memorandum. 

If travel, please be sure your travel documents and insurances are in order!.

A general rule for volunteering: The amount of time spent working on assignments for organisation equals time that can be used in its facilities, including mentoring of your own projects. This doesn't include costs of supplies that can vary from one project to another.  

Membership registration is obligatory for everyone.