It is hard to make up your mind if your mind is build up in a different logic than your family’s, it is difficult to get motivation for school if school lacks means to recognize  and measure your competences, only pursuing to confirm a set of given parameters in knowledge: our industrial era heritage.  It is hard to understand and manage the fact that people around this person react immediately and on unconscious level: some love him, some hate and both for no obvious reason. People react in fact as if they met something real, authentic, true and strong… Ever seen that?

How often would you yourself sense the difference that another person’s spirit presents, on a level beyond logic of prejudices or events? We are not really taught to listen to that sensitivity, articulate and differentiate our ways of interaction with the universe. We are assumed to wish for same things, learn, communicate, behave and prove our worth in the same way. Perceive logic, respond logic. Incredibly limited and primitive logic in the most essential field, it brings down all mesmerizing palette of human relations to three modalities: relatives, lovers, friends even though the feelings and roles can be so much more complicated.  Same simple logic describes success through expansion and teaching through replication of tests even though untainted expansion brings threat to whole our existence and replication is the opposite of discovery: the engine of motivation and innovation.  Logic is the highway of our lives, which is funny given how little about different processes we actually know and how impulsive our decision making in fact is. The logic as we know it is a wonderful tool of organization, but not outside of the blueprints of expectations, not outside of the highway with a predefined route and stops. 

What if we allow ourselves to think that there is another highway nearby, or rather several leading to new unknown locations. Wouldn’t we be thrilled to discover the map some day,.. wait what? There is a map and different options for navigation over the possible destinations for a week-long vacation, but there is no really options for navigation between different conditions, deeper feelings, competencies and talents. Is there at all a map over normality? With all capacities and competences clearly stated, measured and placed? Did we ever even asked for a map? Not really huh, normality is not only a state of mindset or a station of safe and sound life planning, it is also a philosophy on the border to religion, preaching absence of any other lifestyles and mindset worth appreciation and structured development. There is a sort of a gap between what we are told as kids: we all are unique and loved just the way we are; and as grownups: you are neither better nor different than anyone else. No wonders teenagers end up in depression of these two worlds colliding. The only thing that makes these worlds to collide is this assumption, that there is only place for one of them to exist. There is no other way, like there is no other god. Not at all similar to a religion, no… )

No we didn’t ever ask for a map over alternative ways for seeing the universe, learning and communicating with the world and why would we? Driving along the same highway day in and day out for generations, why would anyone even bother to consider that there may be more places to see, recommend and possibly return to. In fact, there may be an exit just right here. We might have been passing by these exits hundreds of times. Why never paid attention?
Because these exits to other routes are usually marked as dead ends, and there is an explanation to that.