1. Recognition

You recognize this person if you live with her, watch him grow, have as a friend at school, meet at the party or at work, possibly even when you look in the mirror. A person who struggles with being embraced by normality, who doesn’t feel home at home, who seem to have a different way of communicating with universe, fast learner even though a school rebell, whose behavior always pulls a lot of questions and sometimes strong reactions. A person who is absolutely clear in perception and healthy in body and mind, yet, who doesn’t seem to fit the expectation of the environment, struggles to get and keep a job, in a relationship and meeting the authorities. Who keeps searching for his place in life, changing careers, interests and partners. Sometimes a genius in certain area but only if a certain area exists that can be matched to this person’s talent. If not, well..  ”She is special”, ”You know, he is as he is”, ”These kids are on their own wave”, ”Weirdo…”, ”you are just socially awkward”, ”Something is off about her”, ”when will you make up your mind?”