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Loneliness together? It is possible? This evening we explore the isolation of our time in words and tone. Can we even learn to like solitude? Come and experience a new concert form in small format - alone & together. How does it look ? Each occasion is for only 15 guests at a time, partly to warn about health recommendations and partly as part of the experience. We will sit in a large room, in the dark and not very close to each other. Are you alone, are we together at the concert? Exciting to think about it, and also talk about it afterwards. You are very welcome!

  • Date: 27/06/2020 07:30 PM - 27/06/2020 08:30 PM
  • Location: Västra Sandgatan 6 6 Västra Sandgatan 252 25 Helsingborg Sweden (Map)


This evening we will listen to Baroque music. Join us back to the 17th century, the century when Skåne became Swedish, in this unique concert program with baroque music that you have never heard before! In the music we find notes from omnipotent and contemporary painters such as the poet Lasse Lucidor during a time when popular beliefs and religious conceptions brought people together. A time when listening and attendance played an important role in understanding their time.

Musician: Kristina Sörensen - song & violin, Pontus Thuvesson - violin, Anna Rynefors - mora harpa & viola da gamba, Erik Ask-Upmark - harp, Swedish bagpipe, Offerdalspipa.

Kristina Sörensen: This project came in time when a time of isolation from fellow musicians created a strong abstinence in me. New sounds in a different room give power to want to share a common loneliness. The music is so warm to my heart and reflects emotions that are accompanied in a way that feels right. Exciting with music that opens new avenues.

Anna Rynefors: I'm a huge fan of being part of this project, getting to know about new musical collaborations and seeing where they lead somewhere. Common experiences in the time of isolation are a captivating subject and getting to play in the darker reinforces the focus on the hearing and the music's playing space. The small format gives an exclusive feel and it will be very exciting to see what it will end up with after the project has been completed!

Erik Ask-Upmark: Yes! Finally you get to play a concert again! It is really fun with such projects that offer something innovative for both musicians and audiences, and always as fun to explore with new musical constellations!